How to write engaging content for Social Media?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

We found the formula for writing content for your social media- do you wish to know what it is? It could be 130 characters or 1300 characters, you can apply this mantra. Shall we spill the secret of what we found as the winning formula?

Secret is HILDA

No we are not talking about the witch on the mountain- it is the not so mysterious formula we always use at £MERAKI. HILDA simply stands for HOOK, INTEREST, LEAD, DISCUSS OR DESIRABLE, ACTION. Read more if you wish to know more.

Hook- the first line is the bait?

It is not as bad as it sounds, it simply means you need to write something which the reader will like to stop and read while scrolling through tonnes of posts which they are scrolling on their screens. Did you stop when you read the first line of this blog, well if you are reading this it is pretty likely you did as you have come this far. So that was the hook.

Interest- you made them stop now what?

Encourage the reader to read further by developing their interest- usually it can be something like are you facing the same problem, I have the solution for it. Or in this post I said I will give you the mantra. You getting the drift.

Lead- welcome them now that they are in?

They have walked through the door (metaphorically speaking of course) and now you need to ensure that you give them an idea what exactly will you be offering. Now at this stage I would insist, don't be 'salesy', whatever you write be authentic and genuine that you really want to help. Again, this post is an example- I talked about HILDA as an opening line and I am genuinely sharing with you, without expecting anything in return.

Discuss- and make it worth their time

Explain and offer valuable information here and ensure the time they spend in reading the post/ blog/ article is worthwhile and they leave knowing the answers or clairfication or some new information. I sometimes like to write this part in bullets for clarity.

Action- the good old CTA?

If you read my post above I ask readers to write their comment. This on this instance is call to action here, what do I expect in return- it had to be something. So always end with a CTA it could be a link to something else, add your comment, read more. Ensure that you close with involving the reader into the post.

I hope I made sense here- do read about the session I did for a corporate house export team here. And a sidenote- do add some image or video or document in your post with the right hashtags. I would love to know your thoughts on this so do leave your comments.

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